Like everybody else

Like everybody else, I remember everything about 9/11.  The fear, the sorrow and the anger. That day is embedded in my mind. The first thing I did was call my family.  I knew they were alright, but I needed to hear their voices.   I was at work that day and they closed the office down.  Glued to the TV, thinking of all those people that died that day.    All the  way home I kept thinking, if they start the draft, David is too old and Megan was still in school.  So my children were safe.

David came home and said we was joining the military and I said Oh no you are not.  I begged and pleaded with him.  For years that is all he talked about and I told him anything to change his mind.  One evening I got a phone call from David asking his dad and I to meet him at a restaurant.  I knew it wasn’t good.  A place where I couldn’t make a scene and I was right.  He had the joined the army and was going to boot camp soon.   I was so upset, I begged him to reconsider and I cried myself to sleep many nights.

David felt it was his duty to serve and protect our country from the terrorists that had attacked us.  I thought that was the worse day of my life.  I was so wrong.